Umm al Nar Desalination Plant

ACC was the civil and structural steel contractor for Doosan Heavy Industries for the Umm Al Nar desalination plant, which was completed in 2001.

The plant is able to produce 62.5 MIGD and was built on a fast track basis (out of a total of 65,000m3 of concrete, 50,000m3 was poured in less than five months). Output is achieved through five evaporators (12.5 MIGD each) with five attendant boilers.

The project consisted of five distillers (each measuring 90m long by 30m wide and weighing 3,500 tons), five low pressure boilers, four 75m diameter water tanks, a 1.1km discharge culvert, an outlet structure, 5km roadworks, a remineralisation plant, a potable water pump station and other plant structures (31 structures in total).