Emirates Airlines HQ

The Emirates Headquarters is a unique facility which houses the Headquarters of Emirates Airlines

It has three lower floors – a basement, ground and the first floor which are used as a crew terminal and houses complete arrival and departure facilities. Equipped with 40 briefing rooms, duty-free shopping, luggage handling facilities, customs and immigration facilities etc, it links up with the Dubai Airport through an underground tunnel below the busy approach road.

The first floor has facilities for the crew including supermarkets, laundry, spa, health club, auditorium, food court and banks.

The remaining 9 floors above are occupied by the Emirates Staff Headquarters, planned around a grand atrium capped with a skylight. The top floor is dedicated to the Emirates management overlooking the airport and all aircraft movement. The floors below are offices with high-end facilities essential to modern workplaces. The roof top provides health and leisure facility for the management staff in the form of jogging track, swimming pool and health club.