‘The 42’ Chowringhee, Kolkata, India

Construction is currently underway on Kolkata’s maiden skyscraper. Christened 'The 42', the tower is located at 42 B Chowringhee, the high-rise boulevard that has shaped the Kolkata skyline.

Standing at 252 metres, the super-luxury residential project will be more than twice as tall as Kolkata’s current tallest structures, South City Towers, and will be the tallest building in Eastern India.

Though the skyscraper’s height will be equivalent to an 80-storey building, The 42 will be 62 storeys tall, having a plate area of 7000 sq ft and housing 58 bungalow apartments stacked one over the other. The first four storeys will make up the lobby and one service floor. Another 2 service floors are found above the 18th and 41st floors.

There will be a six-level car park building having a plate area of around 27000 sq ft for 350 cars. Each apartment will get six parking bays.