Ruwais 4th NGL

The Ruwais 4th NGL Train Project was a project by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to transfer additional high pressure gas from Umm Shaif to Habshan.

The gas is then further processed in existing facilities and new facilities at Habshan 5 for optimum lean gas production. This gas header NGL is sent to GASCO facilities at Ruwais for further fractionation.

Additional capacity was provided for future expansion for the associated gases from onshore oil production increasing from the 1.4 to 1.8 MMBOPD.  As part of the Integrated Gas Development Project (IGD) in Abu Dhabi, additional process facilities are planned in Ruwais Industrial Complex by GASCO.

A new fourth NGL Train at Ruwais was installed under this project to process a portion of the NGL products from AGD -0, BAB, Bu Hasa and Habshan (excluding OGD-III). The Train 4  processing scheme is nearly identical to Train 3. The fourth NGL fractionation plant produces four products: raw ethane, propane, butane and paraffinic naphta hydrocarbons, and liquid sulphur. The capacity of Train 4 is approximately 27,000 TPD of NGL/LPG. A new 30 PD sulphur recovery unit was installed to handle acid gas flows from Train 4 and acid gas from Trains 1, 2 or 3 and vice versa to meet ADNOC’s environmental policy.

The project included main processing plant fractionation refrigeration, mole sieves treating, DEO treating, sulphur recovery unit and storage area (excluding tanks).