Presidential Palace Qatar

ACC completed the construction of the luxurious Presidential Offices for the Ruler and Government of Qatar.

The structure was complex, with 26m high isolated columns forming the background of what was to become a most impressive atrium and 24m long post tensioned beams spanning the majlis and dining room, giving each an uninterrupted area of approximately 22m x 60m. Precast cladding included a Norwegian quartz aggregate.

The interior has book matched marble cladding to the walls and the atrium columns and staircases are surmounted by an 8m diameter chandelier of Moroccan design and construction. The majlis, dining room and presidential offices have ornate fibrous plaster ceilings with walls of similar construction or molded Burma teak. Doors and other joinery are hand-carved teak, and the carpets, which reflect the contours of the ceiling are hand-woven.

Furnishings are to individual specific designs and were manufactured in Europe and the Far East.