Marfaa Vegetable Factory

The Marfaa Vegetable Factory is an independent fresh fruit and vegetable processing factory 200 km from the city of Abu Dhabi, with its own water supply, power supply, personnel accommodation and its own independent system of in and out transportation from farms and to the consumer.

It is a design turnkey project of 15 buildings including a vegetable processing building, a dates processing building, a potato and onion storage and processing building, a canning building, a waste water treatment plant, cooling towers and water towers, technical and office buildings and accommodation for staff and labour.

All industrial buildings are equipped with reception and loading docks, electric levelers and refrigeration equipment docs, laboratories, cold rooms and refrigeration rooms. These buildings are insulated with external double skin polyurethane injected metal cladding 10cm thick.  Internal roof and walls are made of insulated metal panels up to 20cm thick and polyurethane insulated panels suspended or fixed to the metal structure of the building.

A central freezing storage is equipped to store finished products at –25C.  Two boilers in the central technical building provide steam at a pressure of 9 bars to the processing lines.  All Processing lines are linked to the central industrial building by a computer network for production control.  The factory has production capacity of 6,672 tons per year.