Msheireb Downtown Doha

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Phase 1 of the project involved the redevelopment of four Heritage Buildings, the Jumaa Mosque and the Eid Prayer Ground as well as landscaping of the Diwan Amiri Quarter.

The four heritage buildings have been restored and turned into museums, including a traditional adobe courtyard house known as the Mohammed bin Jassim House – originally the house of the son of the founder of modern Qatar.

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The Worker’s Hospital

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It offers outpatient clinics, ambulance services, operating theatres, a radiology department and all other necessary services.

The 120-bed hospital has a basement, ground and three upper floors while the Integrated Health Centre consists of a ground , basement and one upper floor, canteen, washroom, Mosque and central utility plant.

The project scope included site preparation, all civil/external works (soft and hard landscaping, storm water, portable water, irrigation water, sewer, Qtel/Oredoo, electrical , asphalt works and parking systems), MEP and FF works, lighting and signage, helicopter pad, elevators, BMS, waste management and medical gas system.

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Al Bidda Tower

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The tower is 215m high and twists 60 degrees through its height.  It also varies in width, being at its narrowest at the 14th floor and increasing in width so that the apex is wider than the base.

It provides commercial space and provision has also been made for a variety of other potential facilities including business centres, showrooms, restaurants, art galleries, outdoor cafés and a health club.

The 7 storey car park can accommodate 1000 cars and has direct underground access to the tower. The carpark design discreetly reflects and complements the unique diagonal elements of the tower.

The façade is formed from the utilization of an unconventional diagonal curtain wall accommodating progressively varying floor plates culminating at the top with an illuminated roof facing the Corniche.

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Falcon 77 and Falcon 78

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Work included explosion proof and fireproof electromechanical installations in a heavy duty rock armor structure. The buildings are surrounded with 20 metre high blast proof walls. The setup also includes a central control and firefighting system. 64,000m² of roads were also part of the project.

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La Cigale Hotel

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The gleaming 20-storey, 100m high facade conceals a wealth of luxury features, including 225 rooms and suites, 11 restaurants and bars, an indoor pool, a gym and spa and meeting and convention facilities.

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Ikea Doha Festival City

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The project included procurement, delivery and installation of all necessary works to deliver the store, a weather tight building envelope (RCC and structural steel works) with a basement, ground and 2 floors.

The contract also covered major scopes such as earthworks and external works (inclusive of hard/soft landscaping and flag poles), concrete substructures/superstructures, precast concrete, structural steel works, truss roof with cladding, masonry & partition works, aluminum and curtain walling, floors, walls, ceiling finishes and electro-mechanical works.

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Middle East Airbase

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The project involved designing and building six hardened aircraft shelters to accommodate 12 modern fighter jets, along with associated installations.

The project included a large number of structures, which including engine and avionics workshops, munitions storage, control tower, vehicle and equipment maintenance facility, accommodation and cafeterias, recreational and sports facilities, small stadium and all associated infrastructure and roadwork.

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Presidential Palace Qatar

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The structure was complex, with 26m high isolated columns forming the background of what was to become a most impressive atrium and 24m long post tensioned beams spanning the majlis and dining room, giving each an uninterrupted area of approximately 22m x 60m. Precast cladding included a Norwegian quartz aggregate.

The interior has book matched marble cladding to the walls and the atrium columns and staircases are surmounted by an 8m diameter chandelier of Moroccan design and construction. The majlis, dining room and presidential offices have ornate fibrous plaster ceilings with walls of similar construction or molded Burma teak. Doors and other joinery are hand-carved teak, and the carpets, which reflect the contours of the ceiling are hand-woven.

Furnishings are to individual specific designs and were manufactured in Europe and the Far East.

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