Etisalat Sharjah

The Etisalat tower in Sharjah is designed to look like an Islamic Minaret and comprises a round structure with a protruding triangular core wall.

The basement of the building contains the main switches of the city of Sharjah. The first three floors consist of public areas, which have granite, and stainless steel finishes. The fourth floor contains a cafeteria and a lounge and a highly finished 72-seat auditorium.

The remaining floors (5-17) include office, mechanical, transmission and computer areas. Above the roof are three small access floors that act as a base to the communications pinnacle, which is partially covered by a fiberglass circular dome typical of Etisalat buildings.

The exterior of the building is finished with curtain wall and granite. The building controls are managed by an advanced Building Management System and an integrated access control system.