Emirates Steel Factory Integration Project Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Steel Industries has established a steel plant in the Industrial City of Mussafah in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to produce 1.4 million tonnes per year of steel billets.

To enable the import of the iron ore, a jetty has been constructed in the Mussafah Channel where the ore material will be discharged from barges into a hopper and on to a conveyor system leading to the plant.

The Jetty Construction package included the construction of a 60m long blockwork quay wall including fenders and bollards; construction of blockwork mooring and breasting dolphins; dredging of 180,000m³ for navigation and berthing of barges; fabrication and erection of 200m long structural steel catwalk; construction of bored piled hopper foundations; supply and installation of a 30m high light mast; construction of rock revetment and pavement.