Amman Rotana

Amman Rotana Hotel is a 5* facility located in the newly developed Amman downtown Al-Abdali District.

With a 24m podium height, the Amman Rotana Hotel is 188 meters tall, making it the tallest building in Jordan.

The hotel has 7 basements and 50 floors above the ground floor lobby, with a total built-up area of 66,800 m².

Excluding the gym, spa and restaurants, the total number of rooms is 425, varying from single and double rooms to studios and suites. There is parking for 180 cars, all located inside the basement floors.

A pool deck is located on the 7th floor above an elegant structure called The Lantern, representing a distinguished architectural feature for the building.

The tight completion schedule led ACC to find construction solutions by using the self climbing slip forms for the central core as well as for the platform slabs, and to adopt the 6 day construction sequence between floors.

Special care had to be observed for the wind effect, due to the the complex curtain wall cladding (elliptical in 2 dimensions, both horizontal and vertical).