Cité Administrative

By Rashid Khreiss,

Arabian Construction Company (ACC) has successfully secured the contract to execute “Cité Administrative” project in Calavi, Benin.


The project spans across a vast, 40-hectare site, featuring a total built-up area of approximately 94,000m2.  The scope of work encompasses construction of 16 administrative buildings, each consisting of a ground floor and three additional floors.  Additionally, the project includes other essential amenities such as a restaurant, conference center, medical center, three maquis (food courts), as well as auxiliary buildings comprising of three electrical transformers and generator rooms and a guard house.  Notably, the contract scope also covers external road works (hardscape), landscaping and water features to enhance the overall appeal of the site.


The project features an impressive architectural design with the 16 buildings symmetrically arranged on both sides of a tree-lined pedestrian axis.  To ensure a pleasant transition between the buildings, a meandering concrete ribbon gracefully traverses the site, reminiscent of a nearby river.  This feature provides a shaded and cool pathway connecting each building.  The buildings themselves are organized into eight offset bands, featuring a minimalist and elegant aesthetics. Perimeter walkways equipped with vertical concrete slats act as sunshades, offering protection and a unique architectural touch.  All buildings are oriented north-south, with thoughtfully distributed parking spaces to the east and west of each structure.


As we embark on this significant, landmark project, we look forward to leveraging our expertise and experience to deliver a remarkable project that not only meets the client’s expectations but also contributes to the development of Calavi, Benin.

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

By Subhi Kussad,

It currently receives more than three million worshippers and visitors per year and in 2017 was voted the 2nd top landmark in the world by Tripadvisor contributors.

The mosque was built in two phases. ACC/Sixco JV were awarded the second phase, valued at US$ 450 million.  The works involved finishes; electro-mechanical works; marble cladding and intricate Islamic designs; decoration and carvings adorning the magnificent structure using the richest finishing materials (by artisans from all over the world); and extensive landscaping works.

The mosque has three public entrances and one exclusive to VIP guests. The main entrance reveals text from the Holy Quran, as well as designs carved into the white marble of the arches leading to the Sahan (outdoor prayer area).

The main prayer hall (which can accommodate up to 9,000 worshippers, smaller prayer halls and the arcade are built on an 8 m pedestal and the mosque has one 85 m high main dome, with two 75 m high domes on either side of it. The mosque is surrounded by four 110 m tall minarets.

The 17,400 m² white marble floor of the Sahan is inlaid with multi-coloured marble reflecting rich floral designs. The arcades surrounding it are made up of a series of arches supported by columns, clad with white marble and inlaid with semi-precious stones depicting a floral design crowned by palm tree motifs.

The arcades are covered with 34 domes internally lined with colourful engraved GRG as well as calligraphy from the Holy Quran and are externally clad with Macedonian white marble topped by marble merlons.

The huge crystal chandelier in the main prayer hall is one of seven German made chandeliers costing more than US$ 8 million.  This chandelier, which is considered the world’s largest is 10 m tall, 10 m wide and weighs nine tonnes.

The walls are clad with textured white Italian marble. The hall’s columns are made of seamless circular white marble uniquely inlaid with exquisite floral patterns of semi-precious stones and mother of pearl. The 6,000 m² hand made Persian carpet that adorns the floors is said to be the biggest in the world, weighs 45 tonnes and is worth more than US$ 8.5 million.

The area around the mosque is landscaped with water features and parks.

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Msheireb Downtown Doha

By accadmin,

Phase 1 of the project involved the redevelopment of four Heritage Buildings, the Jumaa Mosque and the Eid Prayer Ground as well as landscaping of the Diwan Amiri Quarter.

The four heritage buildings have been restored and turned into museums, including a traditional adobe courtyard house known as the Mohammed bin Jassim House – originally the house of the son of the founder of modern Qatar.

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Masdar Institute 1 B

By Subhi Kussad,

The Masdar Institute 1B project involved the construction of the campus to house the Institute’s graduate program. The program is run in conjunction with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the US and hopes to be the cornerstone forum for research, business and creativity in renewable technology.

Designed by Foster & Partners, the campus includes three residential buildings with 222 1-bedroom apartments; four additional lab buildings and an iconic multi-level, multi-use sports hall/auditorium with a pool and gym facilities.

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Masdar Institute Courtyard Offices

By accadmin,

Designed by Foster & Partners, The Courtyard Office is a landmark office building targeted as the HQ for the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (and its various project units which require office space) and a high-end business centre. It also offers private/institutional office space for selected companies and organisations.

The building is built from an elevated podium structure and features three individual segments covering two plots, connected by bridges.

The scope of works included shell and core office building, inclusive of lobbies, cores, MEP equipment & facilities and unfurnished office/retail space.

The MEP design required innovative mixed mode ventilation, radiant cooling, natural lighting, solar power generation and building management systems.

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Ikea Doha Festival City

By Subhi Kussad,

The project included procurement, delivery and installation of all necessary works to deliver the store, a weather tight building envelope (RCC and structural steel works) with a basement, ground and 2 floors.

The contract also covered major scopes such as earthworks and external works (inclusive of hard/soft landscaping and flag poles), concrete substructures/superstructures, precast concrete, structural steel works, truss roof with cladding, masonry & partition works, aluminum and curtain walling, floors, walls, ceiling finishes and electro-mechanical works.

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