Clemenceau Medical Centre (CMC)

By Susan Clowes,

The hospital will have 91 beds, 6 operating theatres, 44 consultation clinics, robotic surgery, and wide-ranging inpatient and outpatient services offering the latest technologies and medical procedures. 

The project will incorporate 4 basements, a ground floor, 7 medical floors, 3 mechanical floors and a roof.

The hospital is part of the Clemenceau Medicine Network of hospitals, including the Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut, Lebanon, which is affiliated with John Hopkins Medicine International. CMC will have a department dedicated to medical travelers where multi-lingual patient coordinators plan all aspects of medical travel from consultation and hospital admission, to transport and hotel arrangements and second opinion consultations via telemedicine.

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The Children’s Cancer Hospital ‘57357’ Extension

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Constructed by ACC and opened in 2007, Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 is one of the largest children’s cancer hospitals in the world, providing world-class cancer care and treatment to infant and junior patients from Egypt and around the world.

The extension consists of two buildings, an out-patient centre extending over 8500 m² and an administrative smart building of 2500 m². Both contain three basements, ground floor and 13 subsequent floors. The out-patient centre also includes a bridge link back to the main building.


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The Worker’s Hospital

By Subhi Kussad,

It offers outpatient clinics, ambulance services, operating theatres, a radiology department and all other necessary services.

The 120-bed hospital has a basement, ground and three upper floors while the Integrated Health Centre consists of a ground , basement and one upper floor, canteen, washroom, Mosque and central utility plant.

The project scope included site preparation, all civil/external works (soft and hard landscaping, storm water, portable water, irrigation water, sewer, Qtel/Oredoo, electrical , asphalt works and parking systems), MEP and FF works, lighting and signage, helicopter pad, elevators, BMS, waste management and medical gas system.

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The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt ‘57357’

By Subhi Kussad,

UAE Healthcare Construction Company

It sits on a 24,000m² landscaped site in the El Saida Zenab district of Cairo and is made up of two main components:

• The Bed Tower consisting of 7 storeys for In-patient rooms and offices with an approximate area of 2,500 m².
• The Diagnostic area consisting of 5 storeys for exam, lab, operations rooms, imaging etc. with an approximate area of 5,000 m².

Construction commenced in March 2005 and was completed on schedule in only 500 days.

In addition to high standard hospital requirements, the works called for the construction of particular steel sails and dome, high performance aluminum curtain wall and local (Hashma) stone cladding.

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