Laguna Bay

By Rashid Khreiss,

The Laguna Bay Project is a residential compound located in Abidjan’s Riviera Golf district.  The Project is designed by SAOTA and is currently being executed by M/S Arabian Construction Co. (ACC).  The development is centrally located, providing residents with ample convenience and a desirable living experience.  The project comprises of ultramodern villas and low-rise apartment buildings.


The compound offers a serene and relaxing environment, beautifully landscaped to create an oasis of tranquility.  It boasts a wide range of sports, recreational, and social facilities, ensuring that residents have ample opportunities for leisure and entertainment.  The project comprises various elements, including three types of villas designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, which includes:


  • Villa A: There are 5 units of Villa A, each featuring five bedrooms along with a garden and pool.
  • Villa B: The compound consists of 4 units of Villa B, which offer four bedrooms, a garden, and a pool.
  • Villa C: 6 units of Villa C are available, each featuring three bedrooms and a garden.


In addition to the villas, there are three types of apartment buildings within the compound, providing diverse housing options, which include:


  • Building type 1: The compound offers 8 units of Building type 1, comprising three and four-bedroom apartments with mezzanines and ground floor gardens.
  • Building type 2: There are 2 units of Building type 2, which feature three-bedroom apartments with mezzanines and ground floor gardens.
  • Building type 3: The compound includes 8 units of Building type 3, offering two and three-bedroom apartments with mezzanines and ground floor gardens.


Further, the compound includes several well-designed buildings and facilities. These include:


  • The Clubhouse: This building is divided into two zones, housing administrative offices and leisure facilities. The ground floor features a Lounge Bar and Pool, while the first floor houses a gym and related amenities.
  • Service Building: The Service Building encompasses technical rooms in the basement and a children’s playground on the ground floor.
  • Maintenance Building: The Maintenance Building consists of a basement with maintenance staff workshops and storage rooms, as well as offices on the ground floor.
  • Gate houses:  2 gate houses are positioned at the entrance to ensure proper security control and access.


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Novotel-Adagio Hotel

By Rashid Khreiss,

The project is situated at the intersection of two major thoroughfares in Abidjan, specifically in the central area of Marcory. It has been designed by M/S Ghouyoum architectures & designs, developed by M/S NORR Group, and is being executed by M/S Arabian Construction Co. (ACC).

The project encompasses the construction of a 17-floor Novotel hotel, an 11-floor Adagio aparthotel, a shared area between the two hotels, two basement car park levels that cover the entire plot area, as well as a podium comprising a ballroom, swimming pool, landscaping, and external works.

The combined complex of Novotel with 201 rooms and Adagio with 110 apartments is strategically located in the heart of the Marcory district, which is a suburban area within the capital city of Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan. This location offers convenient proximity to the airport, making it an ideal choice for international and regional business travelers in transit.

Novotel hotel boasts 201 rooms, an all-day dining restaurant, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, and a dedicated fitness area.

Adagio aparthotel provides flexible accommodations with around-the-clock staff availability, offering 110 modern apartments equipped with all necessary amenities.

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Abatta Village

By Rashid Khreiss,

Designed by Koffi & Diabaté Architectes, developed and currently being constructed by Arabian Construction Co. (ACC), this project extends over 3 hectares of greenery and is a mixed eco-district located on the shores of the Lagoon at Abidjan city, Côte d’Ivoire.


The development features a Residential Complex encompassing 226 apartments divided into 190 apartments ranging from Townhouse Duplex Apartments, 5 bedroom to 2 bedroom apartments (F5 & F2), 3 bedroom apartments (F3), and 4 Room Apartment (F4) to 5 Room Apartment (F5).  It also has commercial and leisure spaces including a pedestrian promenade with a marina and restaurant areas, a clubhouse with its restaurant and nursery, a gym and 3 sports fields, a swimming pool with a children’s pool, and retail gallery.  The development also has an office building.


Covered with more than 40% green spaces across the overall development, Abatta Village promotes sustainable living in an idealistic, natural environment incorporating ample use of natural light in its design ethos, which paves way for minimal power consumption.  The development has adopted an exceptional rainwater harvesting technique as part of its vision of incorporating sustainable construction methodologies.


The Project is divided into 5 Zones as follows:


Zone 1   EOLIA : 11 duplex townhouses, studios at the GF and 3 apartment buildings all linked through an esplanade

Zone 2   SOLIS : 9 duplex townhouses, studios at the GF and 2 apartment buildings, in addition to a 6 Story office building linked through an esplanade

Zone 3   LUMIA : 12 buildings which include 119 apartments distributed over 3 to 5 floors, in addition to commercial stores at the GF, basement parking and an esplanade area

Zone 4   OASIS : 16 duplex townhouses, studios at the GF and 4 apartment buildings linked though the esplanade

Zone 5   Facilities: clubhouse includes a gym, 3 sport courts, pool & restaurant, Lagoon Marina with pedestrian promenade and allocodrome restaurant, Mechanical Area

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