Jan 18th 2016

ACC Sets Another Benchmark Health and Safety Record with 10 Million LTI (Lost Time Injury) Free Hours

UAE-based construction firm records impressive figure at its Sky View and Fountain View projects

Dubai, UAE, January 2016: Arabian Construction Company (ACC) has marked another major milestone for its Health and Safety operations in the region by reaching 10 million LTI (Lost Time Injury) free hours. The impressive figure was attained at the company’s Sky View and Fountain View developments, two of its prestigious projects in Downtown Dubai.

UAE-based construction firm ACC says that reaching the benchmark figure of 10 million LTI hours at Sky View and Fountain View is an especially laudable achievement given the extremely high levels of activity at the two sites. Not only are both locations undertaking around-the-clock work, they are also located close to busy public thoroughfares and visitor attractions.

“Once again, ACC has shown that the health and safety of its employees and of members of the public is paramount – a commitment that is evident in our achievement of 10 million LTI-free hours at our busy Sky View and Fountain View construction sites. We are particularly proud to have reached this milestone figure as both sites are in close proximity to the Burj Khalifa Metro Station and The Dubai Mall, which attract thousands of passengers and visitors each day,” said Mohammad Bidad, Group HSE Manager  of ACC.

The Health and Safety considerations at Sky View, a mixed-use development of two towers, are considerable. Facilitating construction for the workforce of over 3,500 are eight tower cranes and one mobile crane, leading to congested air-space when the tower cranes are operating at the same time. Crane manoeuvering abilities are also compromised by the small amount of ground space between the two towers, meaning that the provision of mechanisms to guard against potential crane collision is a major ongoing challenge faced by project management.

Fountain View faces the same challenges with cranes as Sky View. The three-tower mixed-use project in Downtown Dubai currently has 13 tower cranes and five mobile cranes operating at the site, assisting the 3,700-strong labour force that is working 24 hours a day to deliver the project by the end of 2017.

“As well as the physical challenges we are encountering at the Sky View and Fountain Views sites there is also the issue of different beliefs around safety that come from having a diverse, multi-cultural workforce. We address this by having more leaders involved in safety performance in order to positively influence our workers’ safety beliefs. To this end, all personnel in the two projects are working under a unique accredited Integrated Management System to assure performance is consistent, reliable and in adherence with the best quality health, safety and environmental practices,” added Bidad.

ACC has a long and well-established track record in the field of Health and Safety, with the company’s record being 36 million LTI free hours achieved at its Gate Towers project in Abu Dhabi. In March 2014, ACC’s operations at Fountain View earned it a prestigious International Merit Award from the esteemed British Safety Council; a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring best practice in health and safety in the workplace.