Cité Administrative

By Rashid Khreiss,

Arabian Construction Company (ACC) has successfully secured the contract to execute “Cité Administrative” project in Calavi, Benin.


The project spans across a vast, 40-hectare site, featuring a total built-up area of approximately 94,000m2.  The scope of work encompasses construction of 16 administrative buildings, each consisting of a ground floor and three additional floors.  Additionally, the project includes other essential amenities such as a restaurant, conference center, medical center, three maquis (food courts), as well as auxiliary buildings comprising of three electrical transformers and generator rooms and a guard house.  Notably, the contract scope also covers external road works (hardscape), landscaping and water features to enhance the overall appeal of the site.


The project features an impressive architectural design with the 16 buildings symmetrically arranged on both sides of a tree-lined pedestrian axis.  To ensure a pleasant transition between the buildings, a meandering concrete ribbon gracefully traverses the site, reminiscent of a nearby river.  This feature provides a shaded and cool pathway connecting each building.  The buildings themselves are organized into eight offset bands, featuring a minimalist and elegant aesthetics. Perimeter walkways equipped with vertical concrete slats act as sunshades, offering protection and a unique architectural touch.  All buildings are oriented north-south, with thoughtfully distributed parking spaces to the east and west of each structure.


As we embark on this significant, landmark project, we look forward to leveraging our expertise and experience to deliver a remarkable project that not only meets the client’s expectations but also contributes to the development of Calavi, Benin.

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Ministerial City (Cité Ministérielle)

By belinda,

ACC is pleased to announce it has secured a large project in the Republic of Benin as part of its carefully calibrated West Africa expansion.

The Ministerial City Project serves as one of the cornerstone projects of the Beninese Government Action Programme to enhance government effectiveness and ability through the creation of a state-of-the-art office complex that will exclusively cater for the various government ministries.

The project is located in Cotonou and is adjacent to foreign embassies, the National Congress and the Presidential Palace. Upon its completion, it will be the heart of the central business district.

The project encompasses a site of approximately 5 hectares that will be developed to include 10 fully fitted and furnished office buildings. These smart buildings will be approximately 5,000 m2 each and be ground + five floors. The works will also include the construction of ancillary buildings, a central car park structure and the public realm and in infrastructure works.

As part of our full spectrum offering, ACC also arranged the financing for the project.

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