Apr 28th 2018

ACC Celebrates World Safety and Health at Work

On the occasion of World Day for Safety & Health at Work, ceremonies were held at ACC sites at Jizan A JV S-08, 10, and 11, KSA, and Mashreq Bank Project, UAE.

The speeches in Jizan projects were delivered to the workforce about the significance of effort towards safety on site by Project Director Mr. Reda Al Bakr, Project Manager Mr. Ali Diya and ACC HSE Manager Mr. Jude B. Joseph, followed by Award Distribution Ceremony where 57 employees collectively were awarded with Safety Award Certificate for their outstanding work. Furthermore, Mass Tool Boxes were conducted by Mr. Javed, Safety Inspector, and Mr. Nawab Khan, Safety In-Charge, in regards to Heat Stress at workplace, as well as by Mr. Tousif Khan, HSEO, and Mr. Anil kumar, HSEO, in regards to Workplace Hazard at site.
Mashreq Bank Project also celebrated with a Safety Award Ceremony, honouring 50 persons, including sub-contractors. Mr. Median Soued, Senior Construction Manager, Mr. Lino Yohannan, WSP Group HSE Manager, and ACC HSE Manager Mr. Michael Sutton were among the attendees of the ceremony. Mr. Sutton carried a discussion with the employees regarding the importance of safety in the workplace and how Senior Management is fully behind the “Safety First” initiative. Following the Award Ceremony, WSP presented ACC Mashreq Bank Project with a Safety Award Certificate. Awards coordinator was Senior HSE Officer Mr. Kiran Kumar.